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I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and specialize in helping people love themselves and each other more fully. My style of therapy is intuitive, creative, and collaborative. I believe much of what troubles us has roots in our past, and that making those unconscious behaviors conscious can help us make new choices. I also work with the body’s  wisdom to heal trauma and bring focus to the present. 

I have a bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University.



I specialize in treating dysfunctional  relationship behavior, codependence, and other issues on the spectrum of intimacy disorders. Whether you are in crisis or simply want to deepen your relationships, I am here to help.The pursuit of love can be a messy business. Elation one moment, confusion and despair next. We need to be loved, but toxic attempts to secure love or attention can have heartbreaking results.  

Therapy can help identify the destructive patterns in your relationship style and show new ways of loving yourself and others.  It can reveal the early wounding that taught you to cope and behave in ways that no longer serve you. It can provide a safe environment where you can have a corrective experience, whether individually or with a partner.

Whether you are in crisis or simply want to deepen intimacy, I am here to help.



Unprocessed trauma can leave  a mark in the psyche and in the body. Using a technique called Somatic Experiencing, we  can support your nervous system's innate ability to heal.




  I believe we are all innately creative, and that a life well-lived includes a connection to making things and appreciating beauty. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, I hope to help you reconnect with your creative impulses.


Caroline Frost Szymanski, MFT

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